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RH Double 18"/15" Speaker/Sub Rigs

RH Double 18"/15" Speaker/Sub Rigs

(4800 watts RMS Sound System)

2 X Double 15" 1" or 2" Horn Speaker  Cabinets

2 X Double 18" Sub Cabinets

1 X Amp rack with crossover


 Double 18"/15" sub/speaker and On Wheels for ease of setup

$400.00 GST incl.

speaker hire, sub hire

Combined with these subs which were developed specifically for high level entertainment applications needing the powerful sub-bass sound and emotional impact obtainable only from dual 18"subwoofers and with these Double 15" full-range 2-way loudspeakers which offer high SPL levels and superior full range performance. With their clear, crisp sound and outstanding bass performance make them ideal for a wide variety of live entertainment or playback application.

Suit up to 400-600 person venue